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The CX Ultimatum for Telcos and CSPs eBook

Telcos are at an inflection point. For years, they’ve faced mounting pressure from better-funded, more innovative tech competitors, and seen a return on investment, profits and market share slowly dwindle.

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Removing the blockers to ensure data monetization works effectively

Telcos generate a lot of data. Therefore, it shouldn’t be news to any firm that the first-party data they collect on their customers offers huge potential to generate additional revenue for both themselves and their partners. A strong data monetization strategy can provide a valuable source of income, enabling you to offer your chosen partners […]

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Making monetization work in a new era for data consent

A strong data monetization strategy is a vital revenue channel for any telco. With the right tools, you can take the trillions of first-party data points you collect on your customers and deliver critical insight that partners can use to provide more personalized messaging that offers a better return on investment. However, a key challenge […]

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