Market Report: Customer Loyalty in Shared Mobility Solutions

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The Soaring Growth and Challenges of Sharing Mobility in Spain

For about a decade, the Sharing Mobility market in Spain has been growing exponentially. Starting with the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona but also reaching smaller cities. The trend of renting cars, motorbikes, e-scooters or bicycles by the minute has been installed as a way to reduce mobility costs, save time and contribute to the environment. This brings new opportunities and challenges for mobility business models.

The introduction of shared mobility in cities reduces the chaos caused by individual transport, but it is still a new concept needing more study and regulation. For instance, Barcelona recently banned electronic scooters in certain areas due to accidents and issues for residents. In response, Spain’s new Sustainable Mobility Law, approved by the Council of Ministers, includes specific regulations for shared mobility services.

Consumers see shared mobility as a viable option for their daily travel needs. Shared mobility companies analyze routes, demand, and destinations to relocate vehicles throughout the day. This strategy ensures vehicles are conveniently accessible, aiming to maximize their usage compared to other transportation options.

Shared Mobility in Spain: Motorbikes Dominate, Loyal Users, and Cost Analysis by Market Explorer

According to a study made by Market Explorer, based on 400 million banking transactions of around half a million Spanish consumers, the main data about the use of shared mobility solutions in Spain are the following:

  • The motorbike wins: The motorbike is the most chosen solution with 47% of users of mobility sharing solutions opting for it. Within Acciona it was the solution with the highest penetration among users, although Cooltra had the highest market share.
  • The costumer is loyal: Loyalty to vehicle type and brands is very high. On average 89% of shared mobility users used only one type of vehicle, and 67% of users remained loyal to a single mobility sharing solution during 2023.
  • The ticket per trip its €7.44 : The average fare per trip for shared mobility users was €7.44. Specifically, car sharing trips averaged €12.1, motorbike sharing trips averaged €5.6, and e-scooter sharing trips averaged €3.7.
  • What is the frequency?: Users of shared mobility solutions analysed made, on average, 1.23 journeys per month. Motorbike sharing solutions had a frequency of 1.46 journeys per user per month, while car sharing had a frequency of 1.14 journeys per user per month and e-scooter sharing had a frequency of 0.66 journeys per user per month.

Mobility sharing has been strongly installed as a solution to the different problems of mobility for Spaniards, while the State seeks to regulate the situation, the competition between brands is growing exponentially. For the full study done by Market Explorer click here.

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