Customer Value Management

The CX Ultimatum for Telcos and CSPs eBook

Telcos are at an inflection point. For years, they’ve faced mounting pressure from better-funded, more innovative tech competitors, and seen a return on investment, profits and market share slowly dwindle.

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Getting upsell campaigns right – why personalization matters

There’s more than one way to grow your business.  But while efforts to tempt new customers away from competitors with enticing offers may take up the bulk of a telco’s marketing budget, focusing on the customers you already have can also prove highly beneficial. You’re already at an advantage with these people as you have […]

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Telcos, it’s time to reconnect with your customers.

There aren’t many other industries staring down a future as uncertain as telcos. A stagnant growth and a global downturn on the horizon, Telcos are struggling to keep customers without having to resort to the obvious, giving more data and voice minutes for a cheaper price.

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