Photo by Jonathan Velasquez,

Intent HQ Podcast: Revolutionizing Mobile Engagement for Brands

2 min. Read

In this podcast episode, our VP of Intent Edge, Idan Arealy, talks to Nicky Daniels from Innovation Martlesham to explore the relevance of mobile engagement and its role as a powerful differentiator for brands.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where we all receive thousands of messages and notifications daily that we often ignore, being relevant and personalized is crucial for brands. As a specialist on the subject, Idan explains the relevance of Edge Computing in terms of personalizing the communications that reach mobile devices.

“Customers expect a far more relevant and more personalized offering, but they also don’t want to share their personal information”

Idan Arealy, VP of Intent Edge

Idan poses the question of what if a brand can deliver a more relevant experience to a customer without needing to collect their personal data? He talks through the role of Intent Edge technology as a solution, a piece of software that is implemented as part of the brand’s app.

This technology helps the brand know when is the right time to communicate with the customer and apply a level of prediction to send the right message or offer, that has the highest propensity to create the desired conversion that the business requires.

Tune in to this episode and learn how you can improve the personalization of your business, better understand your target, and optimize mobile engagement. And how edge computing can really revolutionize the customer experience. Listen to the full podcast below.