5 Reasons Personalization Fails

Every Communication Service Provider (CSP) wants to do personalization well. In fact, this is more vital than ever when it comes to marketing, as the majority of customers won’t even interact with a message from a brand unless it is tailored specifically to them.

But most CSPs aren’t managing this. Simply adding the recipient’s name to the greeting of an email isn’t true personalization. What is true personalization is the ability to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, and in the right way. 

Being unable to do this on-demand and at scale, while still maintaining the level of privacy customers expect, is where many efforts fall down.

Our CEO Jonathan Lakin addressed this topic in a webinar as part of the [email protected] series. In it, he identified five key reasons why personalization efforts fail in the telecoms industry, as well as explaining what CSPs must do to overcome these issues.

Read our downloadable guide to learn more about these five issues and how a comprehensive data analytics platform is integral to overcoming them.

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