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Intent HQ announced AI Company of the Year at the British Data Awards 

The judges commented that Intent HQ’s approach to transforming first-party customer and transaction data into actionable, human-like insights, collaboration with one of North America’s leading Tier One telcos, the incorporation of multiple areas of AI, and an ethical AI environment set it apart.

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Market Report: Customer Loyalty in Shared Mobility Solutions

For about a decade, the Sharing Mobility market in Spain has been growing exponentially. Starting with the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona but also reaching smaller cities. The trend of renting cars, motorbikes, e-scooters or bicycles by the minute has been installed as a way to reduce mobility costs, save time and contribute to the environment. This brings new opportunities and challenges for mobility business models.

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eBook: Unlock the Power of Customer Data in Retail

Senior leaders must harness the power of first-party customer data to drive strategic decisions and operational excellence. Our latest ebook, “Customer Data: The Real Story,” is an essential guide for leaders looking to transform raw data into actionable insights.

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Harnessing AI for Fairness: A Journey Towards Unbiased Insights

At Intent HQ, we are at the forefront of navigating the complex terrain of AI biases, a critical aspect that shapes the future of fair and equitable AI systems. In our endeavor, we understand that AI’s transformative power hinges not just on its technical prowess but on its ethical application. This commitment aligns with our broader mission: to turn vast, unstructured data into actionable insights, ensuring privacy and security remain paramount.

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Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

Revolutionizing Marketing with Causal AI

Discover the future of marketing with Causal AI and revolutionize your strategies. Uncover insights beyond traditional data analysis and understand the real impact of your actions. Embrace the power of cause and effect to identify persuadable customers, optimize campaigns, and maximize ROI.

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This visual captures the essence of Shein's influence in Spain and its impact on European fashion, blending traditional European symbols with modern and digital motifs.

El disruptivo impacto de Shein en el Mercado Español

El disruptor de moda rápida Shein está sacudiendo el mercado español, superando a gigantes europeos como Zara tanto en búsquedas online como en crecimiento. A pesar de las preocupaciones éticas, los bajos precios de Shein y su enfoque estratégico en las ciudades más pequeñas están conquistando a los jóvenes profesionales. El Market Explorer de Intent HQ revela estos datos, mostrando el crecimiento del 67% de Shein y su potencial para superar a Primark en dos años. No te quedes atrás: Market Explorer revela datos reales sobre los consumidores para ayudar a las marcas a adaptarse y prosperar en la era Shein.

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This visual captures the essence of Shein's influence in Spain and its impact on European fashion, blending traditional European symbols with modern and digital motifs.

Shein’s Disruptive Rise in the Spanish Fashion Market

Fast fashion disruptor Shein is shaking up the Spanish market, outpacing European giants like Zara in both online searches and growth. Despite ethical concerns, Shein’s low prices and strategic focus on smaller cities are winning over young professionals. Intent HQ’s Market Explorer reveals these insights, showing Shein’s 67 percent growth and potential to overtake Primark within two years. Don’t get left behind: Market Explorer unlocks real-world consumer data to help brands adapt and thrive in the Shein era.

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