About us

Who We Are

Intent HQ’s AI Analytics Platform generates uniquely human insights from complex behavioral data streams, allowing you to more accurately predict what your customers will like or want and, most importantly, what they will do next.

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Helping businesses unlock their customer data

At Intent HQ, we enable organizations with large first-party customer datasets, to significantly improve marketing campaign lift, customer experience and generate new revenue streams from data monetization strategies.

How we do it

We do this by enriching your customer datasets to create deeper human insights about your customers, their behaviors and intentions. Applying bespoke data science and AI trained on millions of customer data points, we only ever use the signal, discarding personal data to make this a completely privacy-safe process. Our xChange marketplace makes it easy for data owners to sell, buy or enhance their data using models from our Insight Maker community.

Who we are

Named AI Company of the Year at the British Data Awards 2024 and recognized by the FT1000 as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies for the third consecutive year, Intent HQ also ranks among the top 100 Edge Computing Companies. 

We are a global team of more than 100 data scientists, digital marketers, CRM experts and psychologists, with operations in London, New York, Barcelona, Lisbon and Tel Aviv.


Meet the people behind the mission

Intent HQ delivers true personalization for telcos through a privacy-first approach that empowers clear customer insights based on actual behavior. Meet the team behind our powerful tools for in-depth customer insight

Jonathan Lakin


Gordon Power


Peter Munro

Group CFO

Sharifah Amirah

Chief Client Officer

Phil Douty

Global Partnerships Director

Jonathan Woolf

Chief Revenue Officer

Cherie Lawrence,  General Council, Intent HQ - British Data Awards AI Company of the Year 2024

Cherie Lawrence

General Council

Anthony Channon

Chief Technology Officer

Lawrence Chapman

Chief operating Officer

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Diversity, equity & inclusion at Intent HQ

Our DEI Mission:

“To create, grow, and sustain a global, diverse and inclusive culture, where differences drive innovative solutions to help meet the needs of our teams and our customers“.

We recognize the power of a passionate, inclusive culture that promotes the power of the individual in creating a more equitable environment for all employees. This does not just mean recruiting diverse talent, but striving to ensure that we develop and retain an empowered workforce that allows for different perspectives and backgrounds to flourish, push innovation, support growth and enable robust, well-rounded decision-making and outcomes.

Here at Intent HQ, we see DEI as part of our DNA, and, steered by our ‘ConnectwithIntent’ team, we strive to embed our initiatives into the fabric of our business, connecting at all levels of our organisational dimensions.

We cannot claim to be perfect, understanding that there will always be opportunity to improve and develop, but we are excited to continue on our journey to strive to be the best version of ourselves, offering all employees a diverse, inclusive culture in which differences drive innovation.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our initiatives with you.

Recent Dei Achievements

Winner of ’Best Tech Employer (51-149 Employees)’ at the Women in Tech Awards 2022 and 2023. Finalists for the 2023 ‘Best Parental Support’ award.