Intent HQ 3rd Annual IESE Congress – “Discovering Consumer Loyalty through AI”

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On the 28th of May, we hosted the Intent HQ 3rd Annual IESE Congress, where we explored the impact of AI on customer loyalty and loyalty programs, and its effect on consumer goods and services.

Key Takeaways

Throughout the day, leading experts and brand executives shared insights on the transformation of customer loyalty and the impact of AI on consumer behavior. A key conclusion was the importance of deep data understanding for effective personalization.

Digital evolution has unlocked unprecedented amounts of information, which brands, whether massive or not, can take advantage of to improve the consumer experience and optimize decision-making on different fronts:

  • Optimization of in-store assortment
  • Inventory management
  • Collection briefings
  • CRM and loyalty programs

All of this was analyzed during the 3rd congress in the different sectors, and the luxury sector was delved into, one of the most advanced in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to develop its CRM and loyalty programs.

3rd Intent HQ Chair Congress Agenda and Speakers

The conference analyzed the results from the Intent HQ Chair on changes in consumer behavior from more than 400 million spending transactions from nearly half a million Spanish consumers obtained from Fintonic data via Market Explorer.

Market Explorer grants brands access to rich, behavioral transactional data points, enabling a new window into the world of consumer demographics, behaviors, attitudes, consumer expenditure, and time series trend data.

This study was done and presented by Alfonso Urien, Director of Intent HQ Chair, who concluded that companies must now rethink the concept of loyalty programs and their purpose.

Watch the full presentation of “The Reality of Consumer Loyalty in 2023-2024” by Alfonso Urien in Spanish

In this edition, we have the presence of our CEO, Jonathan Lakin, who spoke on “Loyalty in Tomorrow’s World: The revolution of Generative AI in marketing and its relevance for the consumer” stating that “the pace of GenAI adoption is occurring at the speed of light and the message must be highly personalized so that the AI revolution also applies to the individual person”.

Watch the full presentation of “Loyalty in Tomorrow’s Worldby Jonathan Lakin in English

Also our SVP, Ofer Tziperman, on his talk about “Consumer Engagement at the Edge: How distributed AI facilitates loyalty programs” explained how the revolution is transforming the messages by making them more and more personal and taking into account the context of each individual.

As a solution, we have Intent Edge which leverages edge-computing technology. Intent Edge helps marketers and data scientists personalize user experiences and offers based on an entirely new set of previously untapped behavioral insights from real users’ devices, without personal data ever having to leave the device.

Watch the full presentation of Consumer Engagement at the Edge” by Ofer Tziperman in English

Among the invited panelists, we have the special presence of Nadia Macicakova from Mexmovil in the panel “Generative and Distributed AI at the Heart of Consumer Engagement” who expanded on how AI can help other types of consumers who are not yet online and can curate more informed credit score models helping thousands access money at a more affordable rate.

The current Managing Director-Division X from BT Alexandra Foster, was also part of the agenda in the round table What is consumer loyalty like? What are the economics of loyalty? and left an important message with the acronym L.O.Y.A.L.T.Y: Listen, Offer, Yield, Appreciate, Lead, Trust, Yearn to guide leaders when creating their personalization strategies.

We thank all attendees for making the congress a success. We hope the knowledge shared will equip companies with tools and strategies to address changes in consumer behavior and create genuine loyalty strategies using AI.

Market Explorer: Better insights mean better decisions

Most of the data that the conference analyzed its provided by Intent HQ’s Market Explorer. The market insights provided in Market Explorer are based on what consumers actually do, and not what they say they do, thus differentiating it from other similar products on the market. It allows you to create easy segmentation strategies, increase revenue, and make intelligent brand positioning decisions.

Learn more about Market Explorer here.