Intent Edge

Intent Edge helps marketers and data scientists personalize user experiences and offers based on an entirely new set of previously untapped behavioral insights from real users’ devices, without personal data ever having to leave the device.



The Edge SDK calculates 1000s of sensor, phone, and host app signals on the device. Only anonymized and aggregated characteristics are pulled to the cloud.


Characteristics are transformed into 100s of privacy-safe insights and scaleable audience segments and matched to marketing offers and messaging as campaign “rules” within the campaign builder console.


Campaign rules, are pushed back to the device. The users’ devices only activate the campaign if and when their on-phone profile meets the campaign rules.

  • 1000’s of Signals
  • 100’s of Insights
  • Infinite Actions

PII never has to

Leave the device

Know your users beyond the app

For the first time ever, personalization and user segmentation can all happen directly on users’ devices between our SDK and your app, without personal data having to leave the device or be processed in the cloud 

The Intent Edge SDK is the industry’s first mobile engagement SDK that uses Edge AI to isolate and analyze a variety of first party data (over 16,000 signals and counting) from the phone to piece together a person’s profile and real-world daily journey and eventually even predict what that person is likely to do next.

By pushing the Artificial Intelligence to the phone itself, Intent Edge solves a major pain for companies and consumers alike; how to provide high-value personalized services while respecting consumer privacy – all calculations are done locally on the smartphone itself, independent of any cloud communication.

The Intent Edge SDK has a very small footprint, runs 24/7 in the background, with ultra-low battery consumption and is compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating systems.

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Quick Connect

A library of data connectors that join our platform with your richest data sources and most powerful activation channels.

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Anonymized and aggregated

Privacy-Safe Insights

Build Scalable and Actionable Audiences

Stop relying on online segmentation and 3rd party data for personalization, and access 100s of real-world user characteristics and moments using the Intent Edge SDK and the power of your users’ mobile device.

Intent Edge, allows you to create unrivaled personalization and targeted campaigns without requiring that any personal data will be shared outside of the device.

Combining more than one Micro-Segment condition can create an interesting audience. For example, “Users who commute by car for over 45 minutes AND whose workplace is in the city center” are probably spending a lot of time in traffic and could use convenient parking.

With its easy-to-use interface, Intent Edge gives marketers more control to create targeted audiences based on actual consumer behavior. This can be dynamically sized to match your campaign budget and save campaign managers hours of time. 

Intent products at work

Learn more about the key products working in unison to bring your users to life.

Insights explorer

Our proprietary data exploration tool that allows you to visualize and plan around all the information you hold on customers in one location.

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Audience AI

Democratises audience modelling, accelerating the number of communications and consumers impacted by the relevance you now offer.

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On your terms

From insight to action


The Intent Edge console also allows you to introduce additional first- or third-party data for segmentation. Whether using internal profiles, past purchase behavior or loyalty program information, you can enrich your campaign’s segmentation based on the relationship you already have with your customers.

You can even export your new audiences into external take-action systems like Pega or Adobe using our Quick Connect to plug straight into downstream activation systems providing a seamless integration (and return) path that drives relevance for your customers, and further insight enrichment.

We’re constantly adding new connections, as well as a host of configuration options.


Once you’ve created your audience in the Intent Edge console, creating campaigns is easy; just decide who is your Audience, when and where you want to engage them, and what is your message or call-to-action.

The campaign sits dormant on the customer’s phone, and continuously evaluates its applicability to that customer. Customers who meet the conditions of the campaign’s micro-segments, like “users who leave home before 07:00” or “users who visit restaurants 3 times a week”, become part of the Audience.

Campaigns that are found to be relevant now wait for the contextual conditions of the campaign’s Micro-Moments, such as “When users arrive home” or “When they enter the park”, to occur. Once they do, the campaign is triggered locally on the phone, in that specific ‘moment of delight’.

The message of a campaign can vary; a brief text when time is short, an article at the start of a long train ride, or a coupon for an impulse buyer. The platform ensures that the right users will be engaged when, where, and how you want them too, in their daily journeys.

Notifications are delivered without restrictions, dormant users blocked, or expired push tokens. Intent Edge is the only true real-time solution that ensures every elusive friction moment and opportunity can be addressed as it takes place.

Intent Products at work

Learn more about the key products working in unison to bring your users to life.

Audience AI

Democratises audience modelling, accelerating the number of communications and consumers impacted by the relevance you now offer.

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