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Insights Explorer

  • Visualize customer data at scale
  • Get real-time answers covering millions of customers
  • Enhance marketing campaign performance with rich insight

Telcos possess incredibly rich and valuable customer data

But marketers often don’t have the ability to access this, much less activate it to build personalized customer understanding at scale. That makes it difficult to come to the right data-driven decisions.

Insights Explorer is a powerful data exploration tool that lets you visualize all your customer information in one location. It gives you access to all relevant information about your audience, from network and device usage to Intent HQ AI-enriched individual interests. In doing this, it gives you deep and meaningful insights into your customer base.


Insights Explorer lets you segment and analyze data for more personalized insights into customer behavior. You can refine audiences using powerful filters to see enriched data that helps you understand who your customers are as individuals.

This lets you make better decisions and personalize your marketing, customer experience and product offers to drive revenues, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.

Exploring enriched customer data provides a deeper understanding of people’s likes and dislikes, key triggers and intent. This helps you form an in-depth picture of your customer base.

Only when armed with this knowledge can you deliver personalized messaging and campaigns to upsell and cross-sell to customers, boost loyalty and deploy smarter acquisition strategies.


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