Intent Lift

Quick Connect

  • Delivers rapid connections between the SafeSignal Engine and your existing data and software
  • Seamlessly enrich your insights with additional data streams as they come available
  • Activate your insights downstream and return result data to further enrich your insights

Connect your richest data sources and powerful activation channels

Data engineers and tech self-starters already know that bringing together information from various sources is one of the key challenges when it comes to creating rich data insights. 


Intent’s Quick Connect product is designed to break down barriers to connecting diverse data sources by pre-canning connectors to a host of source systems and data infrastructures. It also makes it easy for you to pre-can your own. 


Our connectors draw data from source systems and push them through our privacy and enrichment pipeline into our Insights Explorer. Transparent monitoring throughout gives users greater visibility to ensure the data is processing and reaching its target successfully.


Our connectors plug straight into downstream activation systems providing a seamless integration (and return) path that drives relevance for your customers, and further insight enrichment.

We’re constantly adding new connections, as well as a host of configuration options.


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