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Intent HQ is a privacy-first Customer Intelligence Platform optimized for Telcos and their user data. Today’s customers expect a fair exchange of value when allowing the use of their personal data and our systems provide that in a way that fully protects consumer interests. We treat every customer as an individual and ensure telcos have the means to truly understand their customers to deliver them real value.

Businesses grow by delivering what customers want

We are an open, down-to-earth international team. A team of data scientists, engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, mountain climbers, foodies and inventors. A team focused on creating a world where customer decisions are smart and helpful, where irrelevant interactions are consigned to the past. In short, a world where there’s human-like understanding of each customer.

Our ethos is Relevance, Balance and Responsibility. We filter out the noise of mass marketing to create clear customer insight based on individual user behavior. This information is distilled to ensure only relevant correspondence is earmarked for customers, removing the incessant, interruptive nature of modern marketing. Finally, we are committed to responsible handling of sensitive user information and ensure efficiency in customer interaction to deliver a more sustainable marketing model for telcos.

We tackle seriously difficult problems at the cutting edge of advanced analytics and machine learning, solving challenging customer problems at scale. If this ignites your own curiosity, get in touch to share your business challenge, or hear about opportunities to join us – we would love to hear from you.

June, 2021


Meet the people behind the mission

Our team

Intent HQ delivers true personalization for telcos through a privacy-first approach that empowers clear customer insights based on actual behavior. Meet the team behind our powerful tools for in-depth customer insight.

Jonathan Lakin


Gordon Power


Peter Munro, Chief Financial Officer, Intent HQ

Peter Munro

Group CFO

Sharifah Amirah

Chief Client Officer

Phil Douty

Global Partnerships Director

Jonathan Woolf

Chief Revenue Officer

Anthony Channon

Chief Technology Officer

Lawrence Chapman

Chief Operating Officer

Graham Phillips, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Intent HQ

Graham Phillips

Chief Marketing & Experience Officer

The Intent HQ


  • Be good, do good. Be deeply Human.
  • Help others succeed and celebrate their accomplishments.
  • Find reason to be grateful and express it frequently.
  • Inspire others by being your best.
  • Be quick to acknowledge, slow to criticise and constructive in feedback.
  • Focus on identifying the opportunity in any situation.
  • Be “in service”, continuously improving the service you give.

The Intent HQ


  • Be curious and inquisitive.
  • Keep asking questions, don’t rely on assumptions.
  • Be swiftly adaptable and responsive to change.
  • Be precise. Excellence is found in the detail.
  • Ensure that we know something well enough to explain it simply.
  • Provide immediate, honest, and tactful feedback. Let nothing linger.

What we value

In Each Other

  • Self-management: playing to our strengths, whilst challenging ourselves to grow.
  • Initiative: getting things done without the slightest nudge.
  • Ownership: I’ve got it, and I’ll keep you in the loop.
  • Clarity: Being clear, informative and detailed.
  • Problem solving: nothing that can’t be solved.
  • Virtue: humility, thoughtfulness, kindness, honesty and appreciation.
  • Team work: We before I.

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