Intent Lift

Audience AI

  • Use AI to target the right audiences at speed
  • Identify customers who will be receptive to your offers
  • Drive conversions and cost efficiency by scaling campaigns to relevant audiences

Marketing campaigns can’t be effective if they’re not reaching the right audience

So how can you use advanced campaign analysis to improve this and identify the right audience to speak to?

Campaign building takes too long for marketing teams today and existing practices fail to identify the best audience for the message.

Our AI-assisted journeys are designed to help your marketing teams discover the most relevant audiences without the need for analytical support.

Optimum Audience Targeting

Real-time feedback gained through familiar metrics humanizes your audience and lets you make quick decisions and refinements accordingly. Guided workflows use the power of Intent HQ AI to identify the optimum audience for your campaign.

Audience AI also removes the need for extensive legal approvals by using the Intent HQ SafeSignal Engine to deliver only privacy-safe customer data.

You can create targeted campaign audiences with the following simple steps:

  • Define a seed audience that aligns with your target demographic
  • Profile your seed audience within Insights Explorer
  • Study and refine your target audience
  • Use Intent HQ’s Audience AI to create an optimal audience based on your needs
  • Refine and activate your new audience

With Audience AI, you don’t need to be an analytics specialist to effectively model your customer demographics and focus your marketing on the right people. 


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