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Market Explorer

  • Market & consumer insights based on ‘real’ customer data
  • Samples based on billions of data points eliminate research bias
  • Category-specific dynamic dashboards with full drill-down flexibility

Market Explorer helps sales and marketing teams understand their market and consumers like never before.

Companies need insights that their first-party data alone cannot deliver. Traditional market reports lack robust sample size and recency, suffer from research bias, and are not based on ‘real’ customer behavior.

Intent HQ Market Explorer is different.

Market Explorer contains the richest consumer insight derived from cross-industry partnerships.

Access category-specific dynamic insight dashboards based on billions of real customer data points, updated every quarter, and with fingertip flexibility to filter for precision answers.

Giving brands insights based on previously inaccessible rich, behavioral transactional data points, creates a new window on the world to better understand:

  • Consumer demographics, behaviors, and attitudes;
  • Consumer expenditure
  • What consumers actually do, not what they say/think they do
  • Time series trend data year-on-year, qtr-on-qtr, or MAT
  • With 15 months of data per dashboard at National, Regional, and City levels of granularity

Using rich transactional datasets and AI-driven insights, marketing and sales teams can:

  • Understand market dynamics
  • Unlock better brand performance
  • Easily deployed targeting strategies
  • Increase Revenue & Market Share

Market Explorer dynamic reports are now available in Spain. Category-specific reports now available include:

  • Food & Drink
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Home & Garden

with more categories coming soon.

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