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Intent xChange is the world’s only global marketplace of privacy-safe insights. xChange provides a window onto the world’s data. You can safely monetize data to the xChange, access anonymized insights via Market Explorer, or enable your Insight Makers to create new insights.


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Purchase Customer and Market

Wisdom On Demand

Explore insights from around the world

First-party data alone rarely provides the depth of consumer understanding or breadth of contextual performance insight needed to drive business growth. Outmoded quantitative research solutions simply don’t cut it in today’s data-rich society. That’s where Intent xChange comes in.

Unlock stronger brand performance

Through the Intent xChange platform, companies and agencies can leverage potent insights from third-party data – that they don’t usually have access to – to unlock stronger brand performance. Armed with this data, they can deploy effective targeting strategies from a simple, intuitive interface.

Expand your reach

With consistent insights available in countries across the world and an ultimate potential reach of more than 1.5bn adults, strategies can be executed at a global, regional and local level.

Enriched consumer datasets

Users can explore consumer datasets spanning multiple sectors enriched with insights on lifestyle, life stage, purchase history, intention, socio-demographic, and geospatial data, created by a global community of Insight Makers and the world’s leading data science companies. Browse the selection of data features in the Insight Store.

Intent Products at Work

Learn more about our dynamic Market Explorer reports, or visit the Insights Store to browse the category-specific reports on offer.

Market Explorer

Discover powerful AI-powered, dynamic market reports. Access a wealth of market & customer insights. Learn more about Market Explorer now.

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Highlights of our recent congress in conjunction with the IESE Business School where we demo Intent xChange

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Turn the world’s richest data into

New and more powerful insight

Create Insight From Unique Data

The Intent xChange draws together rich, privacy-safe consumer datasets from a wide range of sectors for Insight Makers to work with. Secure access to this unique range of data is delivered through the Intent platform and tools such as the Intent AI Maker Bench.

Access rich data

An ‘Aladdin’s cave’ for data scientists, xChange offers a rich breadth of data that enables Insight Makers to apply their skills in areas where commercial demand is strong. They can describe their outputs and set prices based on the worth of their insights.

A global market of insight buyers

The insights created by our community of Insight Makers are showcased in the Insight Store and can be purchased by companies all over the world. After data contributor fees and marketplace fees have been deducted from the Insight Makers sales revenue, the rest is yours to keep.

Join a vibrant community

Insight Makers are free to sell the insights that they create themselves, or allow go-to-market agencies to sell on their behalf. The Intent xChange platform is a vibrant community that presents countless opportunities for Insight Makers to generate revenue from their insights. 

Intent Products at Work

Learn more about the Intent HQ products enabling data scientists and consultants to create new, more powerful and predictive insights.

Insights Store

Our privacy-guaranteed marketplace for buyers and sellers to monetize and/or enrich their 1st party data with exclusive industry-leading predictive insights.

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Safely turn your insights into

Net new revenue streams

Put your insights to work

The new reality for businesses seeking deeper customer insights exposes the weaknesses of traditional quantitative research models. Drawing insights from large transactional datasets unlocks new value, but doing this while protecting the integrity of the customer data is difficult.

Privacy, guaranteed

The Intent privacy fabric can fully anonymize customer data while preserving the maximum amount of signal within it, guaranteeing personal and commercial data privacy protection. Intent HQ is SOC2 and ISO27001 accredited and committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards when it comes to managing customer-centric data.

Monetizing your data

The Intent xChange brings together data from companies across multiple sectors. The community of Insight Makers creates unique insights to sell on the Insights Store, yielding new revenue streams for data contributor companies arising from their existing customer data. 

Data contributor companies can also act as Insight Makers and go-to-market agents.

Intent Products at Work

Learn more about the Intent products integrating to help you generate new revenue by selling privacy-safe insights gleaned from your customer data.

SafeSignal Engine

Securely ingest and transform huge volumes of data through our privacy and enrichment pipelines.

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Quick Connect

A library of data connectors that join our platform with your richest data sources and most powerful activation channels.

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Intent Edge

Our on-device AI solution allows you to safely understand your users within and outside of your mobile app and engage with them in-the-moment

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Insights Store

Our privacy-guaranteed marketplace for buyers and sellers to monetize and/or enrich their 1st party data with exclusive industry-leading predictive insights.

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