Intent Edge

  • Unlocks device data beyond your apps without PII ever leaving the user’s device
  • Understand app user behaviors safely beyond the app and engage with them in-the-moment
  • Personalize customers’ experiences and offers, while exceeding the demand for privacy, using a first-of-its-kind on-device artificial intelligence solution (Edge-AI). 

The future of personalization is on device

For the first time ever, personalization and user segmentation can all happen directly on users’ devices between our SDK and your app, without personal data leaving the device or being processed in the cloud 


Tailor your message and experience to your users’ segments, engage them in context, at the best time for each user’s daily routine, based on what they do in the app, the phone, and in the world.


Get access to thousands of real-world 1st party segments and moments using the Edge SDK and the power of your users’ mobile devices.


Notifications are delivered without restrictions, dormant users blocked, or expired push tokens. Intent Edge is the only true real-time solution that ensures every elusive friction moment and opportunity can be addressed as it takes place.


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