Inside a modern shopping center. Boost Retail Sales with Intent Edge: B2B2C shopping center operator HB Reavis used Intent Edge's in-app insights to personalize event invites, achieving a record 287% click-through rate increase. This targeted outreach boosted retailer sales and footfall, proving the power of real-time shopper data for B2B2C success.

Success Story: How HB Reavis Drove Up Sales Opportunities for their Retailers using Intent Edge.

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  • B2B2C focus: HB Reavis’ unique role in driving retail success.
  • Problem: Mass marketing fatigue vs. event effectiveness.
  • Solution: Personalized in-app engagement with Intent Edge.
  • Results: 287% CTR increase, improved customer experience, and increased sales for retailers.


HB Reavis is a European shopping center owner and operator.  Although not a retailer in the traditional sense of the word, HB Reavis has a commitment to their retail leaseholders and the thousands of shoppers who frequent these shopping centers to deliver an outstanding shopping experience.  

Knowing in detail the various shopper segments that frequent their shopping centers, their behaviors, and patterns of shopping are critical components that impact the frequency of visits, visitor dwell times, and ultimately impact the number of transactions and spend taken by the retailers who lease their space from HB Reavis.

The Problem

A big driver of footfall in these shopping centers is the marketing events that HB Reavis organizes.  Successful events will often see double-digit growth in customer numbers, but mass communication to their base and too many events could create fatigue amongst shoppers which could have a detrimental impact on the customer experience of limited contact opportunities and the ROI.  To maximize the opportunities, HB Reavis wanted to gather more insights about their shoppers, verify or disprove current assumptions about shoppers, and finally improve shopper engagement.

The Solution: Intent Edge

Using the Intent Edge SDK within their shopper app, HB Reavis was able to very quickly gain new, richer insights about their customers’ behavior and movements.  This gave them the insights to determine the most relevant events to run, and the ‘best moment to engage’.

Utilizing consented location permissions, they were able to differentiate between impulse audiences such as local office workers whose location and behaviors would best respond to in-the-moment events, and audiences who might need more notice to attend, such as families with kids. Being able to identify and engage these targeted audiences via the app led to increased utilization of shopping center resources for HB Reavis, better customer experiences for shoppers, and greater, more relevant footfall for the retailers to convert into transactional spend.

The Results

This more personalized and relevant in-app method of engagement blew away their existing 4-7% Click Through Rates. Using the Intent Edge solution, incorporating the best moment to engage prediction, they experienced Click Through Rates of 16%.  This was an increase of 287%, a far higher impression-to-click conversion rate compared with their usual delivery methods, demonstrating that the Intent Edge solution is “robust and cost-efficient”.

“Thanks to Intent Edge’s real-world personalization and understanding, we managed to tailor and enhance our customer experience to our customer’s needs, and also increase our marketing campaigns CTR rate by 287%”

Marek Schweigert, Group Head of Marketing & Communication at HB Reavis