The secret to long-lasting customer relationships? Find the human stories in your insights.

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Every day Anthony gets home from work, prepares dinner, and settles down in front of the TV.

He flicks through channel after channel after channel—and finds, nothing. Some evenings, he gives up and scrolls through his social media feeds. Others, he settles for a rerun of an old favorite.

Anthony’s neighbour, Jessica, can’t remember the last time she discovered a show she loved. She wonders why she’s paying so much for a cable package that simply doesn’t get her.

Surely her provider knows her well enough to introduce her to great new shows—shows she’s never heard of, shows she’d never discover by chance—rather than simply recommending the latest must-watch.

Jessica’s right.

Her provider does know her well enough to find hidden gems and future-favorites.

Smart service providers are already deepening their customer relationships by delivering services built around each person they serve. The key is robust, human-based data insights—that take the form of a deep and holistic understanding of every individual.

Here’s how it works.

1. What’s possible with a human-based understanding of your customers?

Data insights are only as good as the customer outcomes they support. When you look for human stories in the data you collect, a world of opportunities emerge.You can give customers a personalized, tailored service based on the shows they love. You can anticipate and prevent churn before it happens. You can optimize spend and improve experiences.Which is exactly what REV—a cable provider owned by Cable Bahamas—did. You can read about their entire process here.When organizations focus on the stories that live in their customer data and insights—and apply them to all facets of the business—they develop a powerful understanding of what people truly want.

2. Know the difference between killer and filler content.

Connecting customers with content they love is pretty much table stakes these days. The trick for operators is to bring their customers’ favorite shows together in a compelling, affordable, continuously personalized service.

One side of this is to improve the recommendations you deliver by enriching your customer understanding through the shows they already watch, the games they play and the sites they visit.

Another is to continually optimize your content spend based on real demand—and make evidence-backed investment decisions on shows that your most valuable audience segments really want.

And for REV, it was both.

3. Anticipate what your customers are about to do.

You know what customers love? When a problem gets solved before it manifests as a problem.

Organizations that take a human-based understanding of data insights can build a rich narrative of their customer’s preferences, desires and challenges. Which means they can spot potential problems long before they materialize.

Imagine being able to anticipate whether a loyal customer is a churn risk for financial reasons. Rather than waiting for them to miss a payment or defect to a competitor you could bring a more relevant and suitable package to them. You both win.

The Intent HQ Insights Explorer lets organizations do exactly this. It shows what customers are looking for—giving their providers an opportunity to meet their changing needs and situations. Before they up and leave. 

Watch a demo below.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Building long-lasting, lucrative customer relationships is the industry’s top priority now. We worked with REV, a Bahamian cable provider, to create these relationships—and transform its approach to content.

Since using the Intent HQ Insights Explorer, REV has been able to:

  • Democratize analytics and insights capabilities so that anyone in the business can use them.
  • Create personalized recommendation services.
  • Cut low-performing content and maximize investments in what customers really want.
    Which has resulted in savings of over $1M in content negotiations, a reduction in churn, and an improved billing process.

So, read the case study to see how REV is delivering a customer experience that blindsided the competition—and how the Intent HQ Insights Explorer has helped it become the most loved cable provider in the Bahamas.