Why customer segmentation needs to become more dynamic

Customers expect relevant communication. Each customer that makes up a brand’s customer base is a  unique individual with various needs, expectations and pain points. To effectively communicate and support them, organizations must acknowledge their diversity, and act accordingly.  Customer segmentation refers to the process of dividing customers into subgroups based on similar characteristics and variables […]

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How AI is vital in boosting customer segmentation

Getting customer segmentation right is easier said than done. In many cases, businesses’ efforts are hampered by complex data analysis processes that may require a large investment by the data science team or the use of third-party consultants to develop the right models. Because these efforts take so long and are so expensive to complete, […]

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Why telcos aren’t doing personalization as well as they think

Most telco marketers recognize the importance of personalization to their efforts. Impersonal, mass market campaigns won’t provide customers with the relevance they demand, leading to lower engagement and poorer return on investment, and professionals know this. But understanding what needs to be done and doing it in a way that actually meets the needs of […]

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