Release Notes

Q1 2021 Release Notes

Privacy and security of your customers Personal Data is a guiding principle at Intent HQ. We put this at the heart of everything we do.

Data Controls, our hero feature release in quarter one, enhances corporate and legislative policy compliance while protecting your staff from any impact a wrong data decision could expose your organization and themselves to.

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Q4 2021 Release Notes

Sometimes, the big stuff takes longer to deliver. So over the last few quarters, we’ve been busy behind the scenes working on some major releases. In Q4, 2021, we released the first of these.

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Q2 2020 Release Notes

Q2, 2020 at Intent HQ has seen the teams successfully adapt to remote working as a result of the pandemic lockdown. Our product and development teams in London and Barcelona have overcome such exceptional circumstances, and we’re ready to shout about a host of new important releases.

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Q1 2020 Release Notes

Q1 2020 will be remembered by most people around the globe as the quarter the world went into lockdown.

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Q4 2019 Release Notes

Q4 2019 has seen the introduction of new key functionality in the Intent HQ platform, enabling new ways of triggering data processing and the creation of customer profiles. For the first time, Intent HQ’s platform can execute scripts of python, as well as enable running pipelines exclusively for subsets (samples) of the entire dataset.

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