Q2 2021 Release Notes

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Custom brand your Insights Explorer interface.

That’s right, although we think our Insights Explorer interface is just the bees’ knees, we also understand that you want it to reflect your own brand. So hey presto, now it can. Custom branding allows our clients to specify accent colors, insight card colors, and more. Plus, you can replace the Intent HQ logo for your own logo to make Insights Explorer feel more like an internal tool, giving your users more confidence to use and trust the data and insights we produce.

Campaign insight visualisation.

This is a newly designed visualization within Insights Explorer for surfacing campaign data. The ‘funnel’ design now helps you understand the performance of your digital campaigns at every point of measurement. Be it data from an email campaign, paid ads campaign, or social media campaign, ingesting it into the Intent Cloud and visualizing the performance alongside the rich behavioral insights surfaces new insights. With the campaign visualisation card in Insights Explorer, you can:

  • Combine campaign performance metrics with the human-centric insight already available in Insights Explorer such as customer interests, brand affinity, product usage, churn risk and many more insights
  • Understanding which customers respond best to your campaigns and identify the behavior traits or characteristics associated with each campaign metric.
  • Filter your customer base using campaign engagement metric, then save the resulting cohorts and use them in Insights Explorer to find further lookalike audiences for future campaigns