Q1 2021 Release Notes

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Here are the details on the significant feature releases.

Intent HQ Data Controls

Intent HQ Data Controls is a feature in Intent Insights Explorer & Intent Workflow that limits user risk of breaching corporate or regulatory data policies and provides the privacy officer with the peace of mind that users can make informed decisions about the use of Personal Data in a compliant manner. Intent HQ Data Controls govern how your staff can use data within Insights Explorer and Intent Workflow. Whether for insights or activation purposes, Intent HQ Data Controls can be set to protect the organization from employee misuse of customer data stored within the Intent Cloud.

For marketing teams looking to create personalized and empathetic campaigns yet adhere to corporate and regulatory governance, Intent HQ Data Controls creates an additional layer of consumer privacy, allowing your organization to differentiate the data held within customer profiles. Enabling access to the broadest data set for informative insights in Insights Explorer, yet applying data policy restrictions when using data to segment and target audiences for marketing campaigns. Marketing avoids breaches of data policy and regulations while privacy officers and engineering gain confidence and control over the usability of the data.

A win-win for organizations and customers alike.

Improvements to live ingestion status reporting

Improvements to live ingestion status reporting within Intent Workflow enable the user to monitor data ingestion more effectively and understand the progress and status of each ingestion feed. This status gives the user greater confidence that data ingestion is occurring in a timely and quality manner. Errors are reported in real-time, giving users transparency, against which they can take earlier action where required.

Automated batch file ingestion

Automated batch file ingestion means that the Intent Cloud gets to work ingesting your latest batch data files the moment you drop them into the S3 bucket. No delays from manual intervention, which means your latest data becomes usable faster.