2nd Intent HQ Chair Congress – “The Price Crisis 2022-2023: Winners, Losers, and Strategies for Success”

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On the 24th of May, we hosted the 2nd Intent HQ Chair Congress, where we explored the pressing issues of the price crisis in 2022-2023 and provided valuable strategies for businesses to succeed in this challenging environment. Consumer behavior is constantly adapting to changing macro environments, and our event aimed to shed light on the winners, losers, and effective strategies for success in these turbulent times.

The current landscape has shattered the notion of a “new normal” as inflation has become the prevailing reality. Costs have surged across industries, affecting energy, raw materials, labor, transport, consumer goods, and interest rates. These factors impact different sectors in unique ways, resulting in shifts in consumer spending patterns.

The congress analyzed the latest data and uncovered strategies for businesses to navigate these diverse circumstances. We explored the heterogeneous responses of the consumer base and identified the most promising approaches for each sector, whether they favored or disfavored the current atmosphere.

We had two industry leaders present the following topics:

Success Strategies: Understanding your performance – By understanding the market and the consumer

Phil Douty, Global VP of Intent xChange

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of consumer behavior, leading to increased spending on card transactions giving businesses access to a wealth of data. As customers share more data, they expect enhanced services, better deals, and greater relevance in return. However, customers also expect their data to be safe and protected when companies utilize it for these purposes.

Phil also showcased our new product, Market Explorer, which grants brands access to rich, behavioral transactional data points, enabling a new window into the world of consumer demographics, behaviors, attitudes, consumer expenditure, and time series trend data. Each dashboard has 15 months of data per dashboard, available at national, regional, and city levels of granularity. Marketing and sales teams can leverage rich transactional datasets and AI-driven insights to understand market dynamics, enhance brand performance, deploy targeted strategies, and increase revenue and market share.

Watch the full presentation below.

Success Strategies: Edge AI – The Paradox of Personalization & Privacy

Idan Arealy, VP of Edge Products

Customer experience has emerged as the new competitive landscape, where personalized experiences are the key to success. A staggering 71% of customers now expect personalization, and 60% are more likely to become repeat buyers when they receive tailored experiences. However, personalization and privacy present a paradox that needs to be addressed. While companies seek more data, customers demand guaranteed privacy across every step.

Idan highlights a solution to the above problem, Intent Edge, which leverages edge-computing technology. Intent Edge helps marketers and data scientists personalize user experiences and offers based on an entirely new set of previously untapped behavioral insights from real users’ devices, without personal data ever having to leave the device.

Watch the full presentation below.

We extend our gratitude to all the attendees who made this congress a success. We hope the insights shared during this event, along with the introduction of Market Explorer and Intent Edge, will equip businesses with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the price crisis and thrive in the ever-changing consumer landscape.