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Removing the blockers to ensure data monetization works effectively

Telcos generate a lot of data. Therefore, it shouldn’t be news to any firm that the first-party data they collect on their customers offers huge potential to generate additional revenue for both themselves and their partners. A strong data monetization strategy can provide a valuable source of income, enabling you to offer your chosen partners […]

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Making monetization work in a new era for data consent

A strong data monetization strategy is a vital revenue channel for any telco. With the right tools, you can take the trillions of first-party data points you collect on your customers and deliver critical insight that partners can use to provide more personalized messaging that offers a better return on investment. However, a key challenge […]

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Data monetization & personalization for telcos – Let’s get real

This is the dream: you put vast troves of data to work, accurately predicting each customer’s wants and desires, creating individually tailored marketing, sales, and service. You solve problems before they become problems. You operate like a nimble and personalised small business, but at massive scale. Your customers love you. Your competitors wither away.

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