Intent HQ Podcast: Unleashing the Power of Big Data in Telecoms

2 min. Read

In this podcast episode, our Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Woolf, sits down with Nicky Daniels from Innovation Martlesham to dive into the world of telcos and explore how big data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the industry. 

As we navigate the increasingly competitive landscape for service providers, we explore how Quad-play service providers, cable operators, MVNOs, and over-the-top service providers are striving to stay ahead. Jonathan shares his insights on how Intent HQ, an AI customer analytics platform, delivers exceptional value to our customers.

Throughout the podcast, Jonathan delves into various topics, including:

  1. The AI Customer Analytics Platform: Discover more about Intent Lift and how it empowers service providers. Learn how operators can harness the power of big data and AI to drive cut-through marketing strategies and unlock new opportunities for data monetization.
  2. Understanding Customer Behavior: Gain valuable insights into how data can provide granular details on a customer’s behavior. Jonathan explains how Intent HQ creates a comprehensive picture of a customer’s ‘intent’ while prioritizing data privacy and security.
  3. Delivering Business Value: Explore real-life success stories as Jonathan discusses how customers have utilized the Intent HQ platform to achieve tangible business results. Discover the transformative power of AI-driven big data analytics in driving growth, optimizing operations, and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  4. The Future of Marketing: Gain a glimpse into the future as Jonathan shares his predictions on how marketing practices will evolve. With an increasing number of marketing teams adopting AI to run big data analytic models, discover the exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead.

Tune in to this episode and learn how you can unlock the power of big data in telecom. Don’t miss out on the valuable insights and expert knowledge shared by Jonathan Woolf, a true pioneer in the industry. Watch the full podcast below.