Data Monetization for a Cookie-Less Future

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How can O2 monetize the customer action data within their network while protecting customer privacy?


  • Significant first-year revenues projected at launch
  • A quick to market Proof of Concept of Intent Digital Ads generated over 18 target audiences and proved its ROI within months
  • A business model is now in place with full-service digital agency Bliss.

“The Digital Advertising POC has been brilliant, both from a Product Solution perspective as well as on the operational side, we have been able to quickly test it in-market and are already thinking about future improvements/iterations.”

Filipe Lima

Product Manager, O2

Digital media is widely used by brands today, spending a vast US$284bn* per annum globally and growing.

Campaign Managers at media agencies spend many hours analyzing third-party cookie-driven data to select the appropriate media inventory for big brand advertisers, spending millions of dollars buying impressions in bulk.  It’s a competitive business, yet the one thing all these bids have in common is the buy-side decisioning intelligence they are using. 

Campaign Managers cannot deliver distinctively different media strategies when they rely on the same data to solve the same media placement problems. With the death of third-party cookies forecast, the challenge is finding new buy-side insights.

O2 knew the data they held on consumers’ digital behavior could unlock a significant competitive advantage for advertisers and reduce the reliance on third-party cookie-driven insight.

Now, the O2 Motion team wanted to commercialize this data further by enabling 3rd party brands to tap into the value of the insights while protecting and respecting consumer privacy.