Intent HQ Validated as Built On Databricks Partner

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Intent HQ enhances AI capabilities and accelerates innovation through Databricks partnership, enabling robust, scalable data solutions for customer engagement.

London, UK – June 12, 2024 — Intent HQ, a leader in AI customer analytics solutions, proudly announces its validation as a Built On Databricks partner and inclusion in the Built On Databricks partner program. This milestone marks a significant step in enhancing Intent HQ’s capabilities to deliver unparalleled value to its clients through the power of Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform.

Intent HQ has extended its AI ecosystem to utilize Databricks by becoming a Built On partner. As a Built On Databricks partner, this will enable Intent HQ to accelerate its innovation, developing cutting-edge AI solutions and maximize customer value. 

Intent HQ’s customers will have access to enhanced data processing capabilities, seamless integration of advanced AI and machine learning models, and improved overall performance of their customer engagement initiatives, underpinned by Intent HQ’s ability to process massive workloads at the scale of the internet, handling 139 billion events a day and around 200TB of data every month.

As a Built On Databricks partner, Intent HQ is poised to enhance its service offerings across several key areas:

  • Enhanced Data Analytics: Leveraging Databricks’ cloud-agnostic platform to unify data warehousing and AI use cases. This will deliver faster and more flexible integration times.   
  • Scalable AI Solutions: Utilizing Databricks’ advanced machine learning (ML) and MLOps capabilities to develop scalable AI solutions, no matter the size of the datasets.
  • Streamlined Operations: Facilitating seamless operations across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, ensuring clients can easily modernize their data foundations with ease.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: As a Built On Databricks partner, Intent HQ, and their clients now have greater access to a collaborative ecosystem of industry experts and cutting-edge resources, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

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