Creating More Successful Campaign Audiences

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Intent HQ unlocks hidden customer insights that activate more effective campaign targeting and provide a better customer experience.


Our UK tier one telco client wanted to identify a new target audience for a base marketing offer, and provide its customers with the most relevant marketing communications experience possible.


  • Intent HQ’s sophisticated ‘lookalike’ approach to audience segmentation and deep human-like customer insights allowed our client to identify a highly targeted campaign audience
  • Delivering a more relevant marketing experience,making optimal use of limited contact frequency opportunities
  • As a result, the initial campaign resulted in a 65% higher conversion rate and improved revenues.

“We have strengthened our partnership with Intent HQ over the last couple of years following the successful support of our personalization program.  They have helped us deliver part of our data and analytics strategy, which we created to drive insight by design; by developing new capabilities that help us engage with our customers and improve their experience with us.”

Head of Advanced Analytics

The need for relevance at scale

Our client wanted to offer a new added-value service, a meditation app subscription, to complement other options available. They had already
discovered relevant audiences within Insights Explorer, using the platform’s enriched insights to understand lifestyle interests, brand affinities and value preferences. 

With self-serve snapshot views of the customer base, and slice and dice functionality at their fingertips, they were able to create on-the-fly customer segments. A core seed audience of existing customers was identified, who had solid interests and brand preferences aligned to wellbeing.

However, the seed audience was small in size, and our client needed to understand if they could expand this small but precise target group enough to justify the return on investment, but without including customers for whom the meditation app was genuinely irrelevant. The marketing team also needed to determine the best use of limited contact frequency opportunities.

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