From Customer Insights to Human Understanding eBook

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Why Telcos Need Personalization to Survive

Telcos are at an inflection point. For years, they’ve faced mounting pressure from better-funded, more innovative tech competitors, and seen a return on investment, profits and market share slowly dwindle.

When the pandemic hit, that pressure increased again. Suddenly, telcos were at the center of our lives; for many, the only means to connect with the outside world. And while leading operators handled that admirably, the crisis threw the reality of changed customer expectations – and the need to accelerate digital transformation to address them – into stark relief.

In such a volatile economic environment, it’s time to think critically about how telcos re-engage customers and reclaim the market. McKinsey lists ‘approach to customer engagement’ and ‘ability to leverage data’ as 2 of its 5 focus areas for telcos. Building strong personalization strategies satisfies both.

What to expect from this eBook:

  • How telcos can use True Personalization as a powerful marketing tool
  • How to drive better campaign performance
  • How Intent HQ helped Verizon extract and make sense of its weblog data to gain a real human understanding of their customers
  • How to enable True Personalization at scale with the Intent HQ Platform