Intent HQ win Women in Tech Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category for second year

Intent HQ Celebrates Second Consecutive Win as Women in Tech’s Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category

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Intent HQ is proud to announce we won the Women in Tech Best Employer award in the 50-149 employees category for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement showcases Intent HQ’s unwavering commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within our organization.

Quadrupling the Team: Evidencing Year on Year Growth of Female Hires

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are fundamental values deeply ingrained in our culture. Building upon its success from the previous year, Intent HQ once again participated in the Best Employer awards for 2023, highlighting the company’s continuous growth and innovative People Strategy that sets it apart in the tech industry.

Our continued pursuit of inclusivity has led to significant advancements over the past three years. The company’s DE&I team, known as ‘Connect with Intent,’ has experienced remarkable growth, quadrupling in size and implementing a wide range of initiatives to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Letting Tech Skills Shine Through: Intent HQ’s Revised Recruitment Processes

To attract exceptional women professionals, Intent HQ revamped its attraction and recruitment strategies. Measures included eliminating gender-biased language from job adverts using gender decoder tools, promoting diverse interview panels for unbiased selection processes, and anonymizing candidate data on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to mitigate unconscious bias. The company’s partnership with Women in Tech has also played a crucial role in increasing the representation of women within the organization.

Intent HQ’s commitment to an equitable and inclusive work environment extends beyond recruitment efforts. The company actively supports its employees, accommodating personal and professional growth, and promoting long-term retention. Initiatives include reviewing family leave policies, implementing flexible and hybrid working models, providing cost-of-living (COL) salary increases, and launching support programs such as Oliva mental health support and Menopause webinars. The reintroduction of the mentoring scheme and the creation of cross-functional development opportunities have further empowered the diverse team members at Intent HQ and encouraged knowledge sharing.

The company’s recruitment process enhancements have been instrumental in identifying and attracting highly talented women, particularly in technical roles. By prioritizing technical skills testing earlier in the process, Intent HQ has witnessed a substantial increase in female representation within the data science team.

Continued Collaboration: Women in Tech and Intent HQ Driving DE&I Forward

Intent HQ’s partnership with Women in Tech continues to be a vital component of its DE&I efforts. Recently, the two organizations co-produced a webinar offering valuable tech career advice, highlighting the deep satisfaction and contentment of Intent HQ employees.

Employee Engagement and Team Pride: Reflecting Intent HQ’s Success

Engagement surveys further reinforce the positive impact of our DE&I initiatives, with employees expressing pride in the organization’s progress. An amazing 80% agreed with the statement, “I’m proud of the progress my organization is making on issues related to fairness, diversity, and inclusion.” In our January 2023 DE&I survey, 98% of employees said they are “treated fairly and with respect”. These achievements are a testament to the company’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Intent HQ recognizes that its journey toward DE&I leadership is an ongoing endeavor. The Connect with Intent team remains dedicated to building upon these achievements throughout 2023. The company is grateful for the support of its employees, partners, and Women in Tech as it continues to set new standards in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry. To learn more about Intent HQ’s values, click here.