Sharifah Amirah, CPO at IntentHQ, dives into the AI horizon with Ankur Patel, exploring its potential for promoting diversity, closing gender pay gaps, and implementing ethical practices. Watch Pioneers episode for insights on leveraging AI for social impact.

The Impact of AI on Diversity and Inclusion

The rise of AI promises to revolutionize countless aspects of our lives, but what about its impact on equality and diversity? Leading tech expert Sharifah Amirah, Chief Product Officer at IntentHQ, tackles this crucial question in a thought-provoking conversation with Multimodal’s Ankur Patel.

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White Paper – Addressing Global Financial Inclusion

One of the most significant challenges facing the world today is global financial inclusion. Excitingly, recent developments in AI and ML technologies offer the potential to break this cycle and broaden access to a wealth of financial services.

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Intent HQ win Women in Tech Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category for second year

Intent HQ Celebrates Second Consecutive Win as Women in Tech’s Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category

Intent HQ is proud to announce we won the Women in Tech Best Employer award in the 50-149 employees category for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement showcases Intent HQ’s unwavering commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within our organization. Quadrupling the Team: Evidencing Year on Year Growth of Female Hires Diversity, […]

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Striving to be the best in DE&I – our focus continues into 2023

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) is a value we prize very highly at Intent HQ and to demonstrate its ongoing importance, we have extended our partnership with Women in Tech for 2023. Following on from our award success in 2022, we have also entered this year’s Best Business Awards because we continue to build on […]

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