Customer Intelligence Dashboard Release 2.0

2 min. Read

This week saw the launch of the latest version of Intent HQ’s customer intelligence dashboard and insight tool. This launch marks a major milestone as clients now have access to a revolutionary new way to understand customer behaviour across billions of data points and to give business users and executives alike the capability to understand their customers as humans.

The new dashboard provides a search-driven experience where users can build audiences and profile their customers using tens of thousands of keywords across hundreds of attributes in real time. This capability means businesses can now truly democratise customer intelligence throughout their business – making it simpler than ever to navigate the vast array of data enrichment that the Intent HQ customer intelligence platform provides access to.

Whilst more traditional BI applications may support conventional slice and dice based on CRM and billing data, we additionally provide behaviour-driven intelligence enriched using our Intent Graph, which makes it simple to extract interests and affinities from billions of network events.

Intent HQ’s clients are using the dashboard to answer questions like the following:

  • Which brands are most important to our high spending female customers, and what else interests them? How might we explore promotions with potential partners to reward their loyalty?
  • Which of our customers are at high risk of churn and why? How can we develop the best retention propositions that respond to what they enjoy and how they use our services?
  • Which of our mid-range handset users might be better off if they upsold to a new device that is about to launch, and how can we personalise a proposition for each user that will maximise the take-up?

This release marks a major milestone in an important series of upcoming innovations that will further revolutionise how businesses fulfil their customer intelligence and big data strategies. Expect to see more posts soon that explain how Intent HQ is supporting businesses on the journey.