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Making sustainability matter – why marketing needs to play its part

Customers today care more than ever about the values of the companies they do business with. They want to know the brands they choose are socially and environmentally conscious and will quickly vote with their feet if they think enterprises aren’t doing enough, or aren’t taking the issue seriously.

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Measuring the impact of true personalization initiatives

Personalization is a must-have for any telco in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Being able to stand out from the noise and deliver relevant, timely messages to the right customers is essential in securing a return on investment and keeping satisfaction high.

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Busting the top 3 myths of personalization

Personalization needs to be a part of any communication service provider’s (CSP’s) marketing strategy today. Genericized, mass-market campaigns have become ineffective as customers, who have become used to being swamped with thousands of materials on a daily basis, have learned to tune out anything that doesn’t speak directly to them. But despite the benefits of […]

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Digital twins – why you need them in your strategy

We all know that quality customer data offers a huge amount of potential for communication service providers (CSPs) to tailor their messaging and deliver more personalized services. But having this data and using it effectively are two very different things. Using the right data science solutions is only the start of the challenge. Even though […]

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