True Personalization

Products, Marketing
and Services that fit

Here’s the problem

Superficial attempts at mass relevance just aren’t working, you need to provide truly personalized experiences to deliver a fair exchange of value with customers.

What You Need

A system that creates customer connection in people’s lives at the moments that matter to them. This leads to Products, Marketing and Services that actually fit.

Intent HQ
Can help with that




Intent HQ AI uncovers timely
and relevant customer insights.

We automate and make them accessible to
non-technical users, so you can really explain “the why”.

We do this with

Insight into the real human meaning behind customer
behaviors and actions, and Activation built for 1-to-1
privacy-first marketing and customer experiences,
on-demand and at scale.

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Throughout the whole organization

Helping your team do more for your customers.

Intent HQ brings accessible deep humans insights and operationalized machine learning to your teams, allowing them to unlock true mass relevance in everything they do – on demand and at scale.


right kind of insights

Find the signal and discard the noise

To feed true personalization, marketeers need the customer insights that come from richer, more sensitive data.

You need to find the signal, discard the noise, remove sensitive data and apply intelligence to a voluminous stream of raw customer data.

Digital twins of your customers

Codify real consumer behaviors into privacy-safe machine learning data features. Learn individual interests and cluster customers ready for real-time analysis in continually refined machine learning models.

Fingertip access to real insight

To achieve True Personalization, marketers can get their train-of-thought questions answered in real-time, to quickly create high-value actions that grow customer value and nurture loyalty.

See how marketing teams use
Insights Explorer.

Intent HQ’s


Safe Platform

Privacy engineering is at the heart of everything we do. Our ethos takes a holistic approach to privacy to balance the interests of both telcos and consumers.

This ensures companies can make full use of the information they create, while our range of data controls fully respect user privacy and regulatory requirements.


Our latest insights

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Our blog content provides insight into the areas of True Personalization, data privacy, privacy controls and much more on the subjects that matter to you.

Spotlight Use Case

True Personalization

Building better relationships

Intent HQ’s AI-driven tools turn data into actionable information that’s relevant to each consumer.

True Personalization gives you the insight to create better messaging and more loyal customers.

Use Case

True Personalization

The Current Situation

Telcos have access to vast amounts of valuable data. But traditionally, they’ve not used this to its full effect, instead opting for mass-market campaigns that don’t connect with individuals on a personal level.

The Opportunity

This means they’re missing out on huge opportunities to increase revenue and boost customer loyalty. But by using the right customer intelligence platform, you can develop marketing messages that use true personalization, or hyper-personalization, to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Using Intent HQ

A more complete human understanding of your users enables the use of true personalization, making for a richer relationship with your customer. You’ll be able to understand their interests and drivers to tailor your activities accordingly. Whether you’re trying to reduce churn, increase upsells or improve customer experience, true personalization is a vital tool to connect with consumers.

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