How REV built lucrative, long-lasting customer relationships

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Legacy systems, siloed data, and complex analytics environments were stopping REV from delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences.


A smarter, predictive way to combat customer churn by anticipating which customers are drifting away – and acting before they leave.

An end-to-end customer satisfaction play that saved over $1M by only provisioning the content that customers wanted to watch.

To drive better customer outcomes through customer intelligence, it’s crucial to empower business users to explore the data in a simple, intuitive way.

John Gomez

Chief Operating Officer

REV: Owned, loved and watched by Bahamians

REV – owned and operated by the Cable Bahamas Group of companies – is a provider of fixed-line services (cable TV, broadband/circuits, fixed-line voice, and national data centers).  It’s a 100% Bahamian-owned communications company, providing triple-play services to customers across the four major islands of The Bahamas. 

REV uses the Intent HQ Insights Explorer to enrich its existing customer profiles with behavioral insights from Network Data. These insights make it possible to model and predict customer actions based on changes in their behavior and quickly operationalize specific responses.

The result is that customers don’t just get a better service and the content they love. They’re treated as individuals, which goes a long way in securing long-term relationships and brand loyalty.

And as we’ll go on to see, when every team has access to a truly connected customer view, some powerful possibilities emerge.