Making sustainability matter – why marketing needs to play its part

Customers today care more than ever about the values of the companies they do business with. They want to know the brands they choose are socially and environmentally conscious and will quickly vote with their feet if they think enterprises aren’t doing enough, or aren’t taking the issue seriously.

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Measuring the impact of true personalization initiatives

Personalization is a must-have for any telco in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Being able to stand out from the noise and deliver relevant, timely messages to the right customers is essential in securing a return on investment and keeping satisfaction high.

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Busting the top 3 myths of personalization

Personalization needs to be a part of any communication service provider’s (CSP’s) marketing strategy today. Genericized, mass-market campaigns have become ineffective as customers, who have become used to being swamped with thousands of materials on a daily basis, have learned to tune out anything that doesn’t speak directly to them. But despite the benefits of […]

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Humanizing true personalization – What do telcos need to understand

The marketplace for telcos is tougher than ever. So if you’re to thrive in an environment where customer demands are high and new, innovative offerings are always looking to persuade consumers to switch providers, you need to stand out from the crowd. To do this, an effective personalization strategy is a must-have. This plays a […]

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Insights to activation – turning raw data into truly personalized value

Data is any business’ most valuable resource.  But while this is more true than ever in today’s environment, it’s not the whole story. After all, it doesn’t matter how many billions or even trillions of data points a firm possesses – if they can’t utilize it effectively, it’s doing nothing more than taking up server […]

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Personalization: Expectations vs. Reality

Personalization is not easy. Customers expect companies to recognize and engage with them in real-time. That’s the level of Personalization that we expect as consumers in today’s world. Unfortunately, few marketers are able to act this quickly.

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