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Telcos are at an inflection point. For years, they’ve faced mounting pressure from better-funded, more innovative tech competitors, and seen a return on investment, profits and market share slowly dwindle.

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Why customer segmentation needs to become more dynamic

Customers expect relevant communication. Each customer that makes up a brand’s customer base is a  unique individual with various needs, expectations and pain points. To effectively communicate and support them, organizations must acknowledge their diversity, and act accordingly.  Customer segmentation refers to the process of dividing customers into subgroups based on similar characteristics and variables […]

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Busting the top 3 myths of personalization

Personalization needs to be a part of any communication service provider’s (CSP’s) marketing strategy today. Genericized, mass-market campaigns have become ineffective as customers, who have become used to being swamped with thousands of materials on a daily basis, have learned to tune out anything that doesn’t speak directly to them. But despite the benefits of […]

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Insights to activation – turning raw data into truly personalized value

Data is any business’ most valuable resource.  But while this is more true than ever in today’s environment, it’s not the whole story. After all, it doesn’t matter how many billions or even trillions of data points a firm possesses – if they can’t utilize it effectively, it’s doing nothing more than taking up server […]

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Personalization: Expectations vs. Reality

Personalization is not easy. Customers expect companies to recognize and engage with them in real-time. That’s the level of Personalization that we expect as consumers in today’s world. Unfortunately, few marketers are able to act this quickly.

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Why do you need a Digital Twin?

In the Great Competitive Paradox story, we mentioned the concept of the Digital Twin. We described how the FANG companies create a digital profile that represents part of the real customer. They use this profile in order to engage in a more individual way, creating a highly personalised customer experience that in turn leads to a magnetic, sticky attraction to their brand.

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What it takes to win in the age of the consumer

Instead of being a silent consumer of products and services, the customer is becoming the center of the business universe. Leading brands are listening to their customers and introducing the practice of hyper-personalization.

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