Why do you need a Digital Twin?

In the Great Competitive Paradox story, we mentioned the concept of the Digital Twin. We described how the FANG companies create a digital profile that represents part of the real customer. They use this profile in order to engage in a more individual way, creating a highly personalised customer experience that in turn leads to a magnetic, sticky attraction to their brand.

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What it takes to win in the age of the consumer

Instead of being a silent consumer of products and services, the customer is becoming the center of the business universe. Leading brands are listening to their customers and introducing the practice of hyper-personalization.

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The future of marketing is interest-based

If attention is the new currency, there simply isn’t enough of it to go around. Click-through rates are in the gutter, adblock use is growing, free reach on social isn’t free anymore, and organic search traffic is declining.

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