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Adding Value through Data

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  • Data science teams spend more time adding value
  • Easy interrogation of complex data sets
  • Democratizes data analysis for all


Event data held in telco networks can be siloed and difficult to use at scale, resulting in headaches for data science teams to derive meaningful large-scale insights to add business value. At the same time, requests for data insights from the wider business can be a drain on data team resources.

What we solve

  • Access to new behavioral data and enriched data features
  • Time-consuming data orchestration
  • Lack of resource for data science teams to add value

With this product

  • Data science teams make insights more accessible to the wider business
  • New behavior data is accessible, privacy-secure, and scalable
  • Free up time for data science to add further value

Solutions by function


Democratizing the delivery of data insights

Opening up data insights to the wider business through Intent HQ will save precious time for data science teams to focus on what they do best, and help to ensure more actionable insights from customer data to benefit all stakeholders.

How we can improve and optimize your


Better access to data and faster insights

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Data science can bring tremendous value to any business, ensuring usable insights based on real evidence that can hold significant implications for customer churn, business ROI and increasing customer engagement. However, gaining access to this insight can be a time-consuming and traditionally difficult process.

Easier data orchestration and analysis

Intent HQ’s suite of products provide a better way to free up the valuable time of data science teams, while simultaneously improving customer data privacy and democratizing access to data insights across a business.

Through the unique way the Intent Platform categorizes data, we create individual micro databases for every customer, ensuring all of their information can be processed quickly and easily, all in a single place. Individual data streams can then be flagged according to their meta data for specific use cases, ensuring only information that is fit for purpose is taken on for data insights and analysis.

We ensure data scientists have the information they need to streamline their activities, freeing them up from necessary but time-consuming data orchestration tasks to provide the real value of their profession by adding value to a business through data analytics and modelling. Intent HQ is an enabler of higher-level performance, giving data science teams additional support to refine, test, and implement their models more easily. 

Powerful insights that go beyond data science teams

In addition to supporting the optimal function of data science teams, Intent HQ’s products provide far wider and more flexible access to data insights than other, more traditional data visualization tools. We provide full democratization of data by making it fast and simple for non-data specialists – such as marketers – to interrogate customer information to provide value-adding insight and deliver better understanding of performance.

Through Insights Explorer, anyone is able to interact with superior customer intelligence to extract meaning. It can provide real-time answers to queries around customer behavior and attitudes, highlighting crucial insights that can feed into marketing and other commercial decision-making for firms. We bring data into an accessible environment that allows telcos to play, adjust or modify, learn and refine their customer understanding.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to quickly segment customer data by an array of touchpoints, interests, activities and values. Insights Explorer brings customer data into the hands of every business function, but at the same time ensures the use of the corresponding insight is managed and controlled  for compliance with corporate governance and privacy legislation.

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