Intent HQ

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Insights + Activation at Scale

Here’s the problem

You’re spinning your wheels,
working overtime to deliver
superficial personalization that just
isn’t hitting the mark for customers.

What You Need

Are insights that deliver
real human understanding
on-demand and at-scale

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Increased customer understanding

Intent HQ’s product suite places the power of data insights into the hands of marketing teams. This ensures actionable insights can be achieved faster to improve business ROI and campaign planning.

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Building better relationships

Your business and customers can benefit from hyper-personalization of your customer experiences and service channels through the use of in-depth, data-led insights. Give your customers the best experience by tailoring your experiences to meet their specific needs in a timely manner.

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Democratizing access to insights

Free up time for data science teams and democratize access to in-depth customer insight throughout your business. With Intent HQ, our systems ensure data insights can be gleaned by anyone and help free up the valuable time of data scientists to focus on adding frontline value.

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Ease of integration

Unlock the power of the data you hold without the need to invest in large-scale IT infrastructure expansion or upgrades. Our systems sit alongside existing IT to complement your ability to gain key customer insights with ease.

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Safeguarding customer data

Pseudonymization, transparency and regulatory compliance are just three of the reasons why Intent HQ’s suite of products delivers peace of mind for Privacy Officers.

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