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True personalization

How do you create truly personalized relationships with your customers?

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True personalization helps businesses build better relationships with their customers, boost loyalty and deliver an improved return on investment for their marketing communication activities. But are firms making the most of this?

The current situation

Telcos have some of the richest and most valuable customer data of any business. With millions of points of data being created every day, this can tell them a great deal about their customers, from what their spending habits look like and when they’re likely to upgrade services, to what their unique interests are.

Yet for the most part, many operators find themselves unable to make the most of this valuable information. While businesses may make some superficial efforts at personalization, they often find it difficult to achieve this at scale, resulting in fairly generic mass-market campaigns that barely scratch the surface of what can be achieved with the right insights.

As a result, many telcos are missing out on huge opportunities to boost revenue and engender loyalty because they don’t fully understand who their customers are. Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base, retain existing users or better serve consumers, improving personalization must be a top priority.

Using true personalization

With the right customer intelligence platform, you can develop marketing messages and campaigns that use true personalization to connect with consumers on a deeper level. This strategy – sometimes referred to as hyper-personalization – greatly increases your chances of success as you can see exactly what your customer profiles look like at a much deeper level.

For example, a basic personalization tool may be able to identify customers with an interest in music. But this information alone isn’t enough for marketers to act on and expect strong results. Intent HQ’s more advanced tools can tell these professionals much more: Do they prefer rock or pop? Are they more likely to attend large festivals or more intimate gigs? Armed with this insight, marketers can tailor their campaigns much more closely to the real interests of their customers and increase the likelihood of positive results.

True personalization is at the heart of almost every marketing goal your business has. For instance, if you’re looking to reduce churn, you can use true personalization to delve into a user’s customer experience to see where any risks lie. Or you can apply it to offers in order to tempt them into an upsell or cross-sell with incentives that matter to them. 

However, true personalization can only be achieved if you have a full picture of your customer as a person, and this is where you need the right tools to deliver better insight into your users, and where solutions like Insight Explorer can set you apart.

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