Create customer care experiences that increase customer lifetime value.

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Businesses understand the significance of customer care experiences on customer lifetime value, but delivering the best possible care can be a challenge. Without a deep understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behavior, it can be difficult to identify the most effective care paths, resolve customer problems quickly, and prevent care situations from happening in the first place.

Intent HQ provides a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to improve their customer care experiences. Intent Lift offers privacy-compliant access to first-party data sets that were previously inaccessible, along with second-party data from Intent xChange, to inform your care strategy and drive tactical predictive insights.

With Intent Lift, customer care, customer experience, and marketing teams can use these insights to design customer pathways based on enriched customer data, learning from previous outcomes to deliver delight and improve satisfaction. Upgrade your customer care experience with Intent HQ for increased customer loyalty and spend.

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