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Marketing and customer intelligence professionals face a common problem: current methods of gathering customer insights lack reliability and accuracy. Traditional surveys and CRM data provide limited understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and intent. Inaccurate results from small survey samples and outdated information can lead to poor decision-making.

Intent HQ provides a solution to this problem by delivering predictive behavior-based insights from your first-party customer data at scale. With access to millions of representative and statistically significant customer profiles, Intent HQ offers a reliable source of customer insights and a new view of how customer behavior impacts your KPIs.

Our technology is fully compliant with privacy laws and regulations, enabling the use of previously inaccessible first-party data such as weblogs and on-device data. Additionally, second-party data can be purchased through Intent xChange to further enhance your insights. Advanced AI techniques are applied to provide deeply contextualized information, including customer interests, brand affinities, and predicted intent, to give you a more human understanding of your customers.

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