Improve your campaign performance and marketing ROI by undertaking and finding responsive customers with a particular interest.

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Target your campaigns using Behavior-Enhanced insights

In today’s digital landscape, customers are bombarded with countless brand messages every day. Mass market tactics often result in low conversion rates and poor customer engagement. To stand out and make a lasting impact, your brand messages need to be relevant, targeted, and timely.

Intent HQ helps marketers with predictive insights to cut through the noise. Our products blend CRM data and propensity models with new behavioral insights, including hundreds of interests and thousands of brand affinities, to give you a comprehensive understanding of your audience.

Leverage the characteristics of those who have engaged and converted in past campaigns, and fill in any insight gaps with Intent xChange. Find the perfect balance of reach and relevance by identifying the ideal set of propensities and interests, then expand your audience with Intent Lift to reach behaviorally similar customers at scale.

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