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Improve access to Data-Driven Decisions

Widening access to data-led decision-making

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Data can be the driving force behind better business decision-making, improved ROI and increased business agility – if your users can access and interpret it. Democratizing data ensures you can become a fully data-driven organization by placing your data insights into the hands of everyone, regardless of role or level of knowledge.

All your data, usable by everyone

Telco businesses often aren’t accessing the full potential of their data. Despite the fact they have access to a large volume of data on their customers, teams in departments like marketing and CX don’t have the tools or knowledge to turn this into valuable, actionable insight. They instead rely on data science and BI professionals to do this for them.

Intent HQ’s suite of AI-powered products brings together your siloed datasets, for each customer, in a single location.  This includes first-party data such as weblogs, which are often deemed too difficult to use due to their scale. We ingest information from disparate sources – adding weblogs to more easy-to-use data sources such as operational performance KPIs, marketing campaign results, CRM and our unique AI-driven insights. This creates a unique, human-like understanding of customers as individuals, highlighting their unique preferences, behavior, and interests.

This multidimensional data interrogation allows you to ‘hold a mirror to your business’ to ensure you have true insight into who your customers really are and what they want. Intent Insights Explorer is a powerful tool in this process, as it makes available all your customer insights in an easy-to-use interface. 

This allows you to ask train of thought questions about your customers, create data-driven segments and develop AI-assisted marketing audiences for your next campaign based on the interests, behaviors, and human characteristics of your customer base, and realize what that could mean for your business.

With sharper understanding comes the ability to better tailor your marketing campaigns for greater relevance, identify and respond to churn behavior earlier and better segment your customers based on their unique human-like profiles.

Democratizing access to customer insight built on first-party data

Businesses don’t become data-driven when only a small portion of users have access to data. They become data-driven when data insights are accessible to inform every decision they make. 

With some platforms, democratization can often mean a watering down of insights to protect customer privacy given the difficulty in using sensitive first-party customer data. However, the Intent HQ  platform has been designed with customer data privacy at its core with baked-in customer privacy that meets GDPR and CPPA regulations. 

The Intent HQ platform desensitizes the data without loss of insight. It then applies AI enrichment models to create human-like insights that can be used to create personalized, relevant customer experiences across marketing and CX touchpoints. Marketers are able to interrogate data themselves, removing their reliance on BI teams and making decision-making more reactive, swifter, and more easily tailored to each use case.

Despite the huge dimensionality of first-party data such as for weblogs, the Intent HQ Insights Explorer provides near real-time insight exploration in a simple drag and drop user interface.

Enable better, data-informed decisions by putting your data into the hands of the people best-placed to use it, making your business more agile, informed, and led by data. 

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