Telcos, personalization and the missing millions webinar

Marketing campaigns are won and lost on the accessibility and quality of the data companies have about their customers. On paper, telecom operators have a huge advantage in this area because no sector holds the same volume or variety of customer data. But are these firms really making the most of this?

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Webinar Review: Making sense of Post-COVID Normal

What fun and what an honor to host a fireside chat with Professor Jose Luis Nueno of IESE Business School and Merkle CTO Matthew Mobley! In brief, he discussed the intense pressures already hurting traditional retailers in the EU and US before the Covid-19 pandemic, which had resulted in falling revenue. Now weakened further by the pandemic, they face tough challenges adapting to the new normal.

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Webinar: Making Sense of Post-Covid Normal

This webinar, origianlly broadcast in June 2021, looks at how Covid-19 had completely changed the world we live in. It delved deeper into the lasting impacts it has had on different industries and explores how the future might look post covid.

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Making Sense of Post-Covid Normal

The Gist

It has been a challenging year. Frightening, sad, exhausting (especially for mothers of young children, like me), and yet interesting and often so inspiring.

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Navigating CX for CSPs: a dialogue with Sheryl Kingstone

The Covid-19 pandemic was a driving force for businesses to innovate and pivot strategies. Telco and other service providers have long been viewed as utility companies by today’s consumers – customers might not necessarily love their service providers, but they do love the things they make possible. At the start of the global quarantine, service providers around the world were under immense pressure to deliver their services effectively to consumers.

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