Webinar: Making Sense of Post-Covid Normal

1 min. Read

Our webcast featured some uniquely qualified voices.

Professor Jose Luis Nueno is a Marketing legend. He is justifiably renowned for his insights into consumer behavior and how corporate business models should take this into account. He evaluates how the increased intensity of our digital lives has heightened the demands for consumer data protection and privacy during Covid. The pandemic has made new demands on customer experience that are driving change… we are beginning to see which demands are here to stay.

Matthew Mobley, Chief Technology Officer at Merkle, is also a well-known talent. Merkle’s Enterprise Technology Group is an innovator in marketing technology and digital transformation. During the pandemic, Matt saw many retailers who were digitizing effectively. However, some retailers found out that they were doing nowhere near enough, in specific critical areas. For them, acquisition, retention, and loyalty have been challenged during the pandemic.

During Covid, we saw major shifts in the way we live our lives. But humans are resilient and many habits run deep.

Which changes will stick and which will revert?

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