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Making sustainability matter – why marketing needs to play its part

Customers today care more than ever about the values of the companies they do business with. They want to know the brands they choose are socially and environmentally conscious and will quickly vote with their feet if they think enterprises aren’t doing enough, or aren’t taking the issue seriously.

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The top 5 telco marketing trends for 2022

As a new year begins, telcos and communications service providers around the world will be formalizing their plans for the coming months and assessing where to prioritize their marketing efforts. And in such a crowded marketplace, being able to stand out from competitors with exciting, personalized offers will be a must. To do this, it’s […]

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Humanizing true personalization – What do telcos need to understand

The marketplace for telcos is tougher than ever. So if you’re to thrive in an environment where customer demands are high and new, innovative offerings are always looking to persuade consumers to switch providers, you need to stand out from the crowd. To do this, an effective personalization strategy is a must-have. This plays a […]

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Removing the blockers to ensure data monetization works effectively

Telcos generate a lot of data. Therefore, it shouldn’t be news to any firm that the first-party data they collect on their customers offers huge potential to generate additional revenue for both themselves and their partners. A strong data monetization strategy can provide a valuable source of income, enabling you to offer your chosen partners […]

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Getting upsell campaigns right – why personalization matters

There’s more than one way to grow your business.  But while efforts to tempt new customers away from competitors with enticing offers may take up the bulk of a telco’s marketing budget, focusing on the customers you already have can also prove highly beneficial. You’re already at an advantage with these people as you have […]

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Navigating CX for CSPs: a dialogue with Sheryl Kingstone

The Covid-19 pandemic was a driving force for businesses to innovate and pivot strategies. Telco and other service providers have long been viewed as utility companies by today’s consumers – customers might not necessarily love their service providers, but they do love the things they make possible. At the start of the global quarantine, service providers around the world were under immense pressure to deliver their services effectively to consumers.

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