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Talk – Using Causal AI to Transform Customer Marketing

Join Intent HQ and Databricks at Big Data Ldn 2023. Learn how Intent HQ uses Causal AI to understand what motivates customers to engage positively with a subscription model business.

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Intent HQ win Women in Tech Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category for second year

Intent HQ Celebrates Second Consecutive Win as Women in Tech’s Best Employer in the 50-149 Employees Category

Intent HQ is proud to announce we won the Women in Tech Best Employer award in the 50-149 employees category for the second consecutive year. This remarkable achievement showcases Intent HQ’s unwavering commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within our organization. Quadrupling the Team: Evidencing Year on Year Growth of Female Hires Diversity, […]

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Data monetization & personalization for telcos – Let’s get real

This is the dream: you put vast troves of data to work, accurately predicting each customer’s wants and desires, creating individually tailored marketing, sales, and service. You solve problems before they become problems. You operate like a nimble and personalised small business, but at massive scale. Your customers love you. Your competitors wither away.

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BigData and CAP theorem in plain English

Are you a troubled developer because your boss heard about BigData and is asking you about it? Are you a CEO who just wants an understandable explanation about the CAP theorem? Are you the partner of a developer who just wants to understand what he/she is doing?

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The future of marketing is interest-based

If attention is the new currency, there simply isn’t enough of it to go around. Click-through rates are in the gutter, adblock use is growing, free reach on social isn’t free anymore, and organic search traffic is declining.

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What is a human-like customer profile?

Many customer actions leave a digital imprint — a sort of data exhaust. Content consumption produces weblogs, purchases make transaction records, and smartphones generate coordinates.

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6 tips to succeed in our coding interviews

Here at Intent HQ we deal with code on a daily basis (is there any software engineering team who doesn’t?). So, when we are about to hire somebody, her ability to write code is probably the skill we will take into account the most. That’s why we do have a coding interview in our process.

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Telcos – Take the Fast Track to Enriched Customer Insight

These days, the main discernible difference between two telco brands is often the way they treat their customers. We talk about enhancing the ‘customer experience’ and improving the ‘customer journey’ – but creating a real stand-out amongst competitors depends on developing a much deeper, more human-like understanding of customers than ever before. Telcos know that […]

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Dr. Pucketlove – Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Parquet (partitioning)

Pucket is a Scala library which provides a simple partitioning system for Parquet. But what is Parquet and why does it need partitioning when it already supports filtering? In this post I will attempt to explain Parquet, partitioning in Hadoop, and the motivation and design of Pucket. If you’re not interested in the background, you can skip straight to some simple code examples or go to the GitHub repository.

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For Those About To Code (We Salute You)

As programmers, a large portion of our job is to stay aware of, research, and assess new technologies in an industry that evolves at breakneck speed. Being continually bombarded with such information it can seem like an uphill struggle to process this information in a memorable fashion.

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What is good code? A scientific definition.

Here at Intent HQ we believe how important it is to write good code. Why? First, because writing good code is much cheaper and more fun than writing bad code. Second, because if you write good quality code chances are that the product you are building will be much better. Third, and more important, because writing good quality code is what we are supposed to do: after all, we are getting paid for doing our job well.

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