Mexmovil and Intent HQ join forces to promote financial inclusion for women in emerging economies

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Mexmovil will utilize Intent HQ’s privacy-safe AI platform to derive insights and generate alternative credit scores for women in emerging economies

Using Edge AI to Empower Women in Emerging Economies

Mexico City, MX & London, UK – May 17, 2023 mexmovil, a leading Mexican virtual mobile operator, and Intent HQ, the privacy-first customer analytics platform, have announced a partnership aimed at empowering women in emerging economies. The collaboration is the first step towards leveraging the power of mexmovil’s customer data and Intent HQ’s advanced customer AI to completely overhaul traditional and outdated approaches to credit-scoring.

The pilot project, which is set to commence in June of this year, will benefit 20,000 women in Mexico. The project’s goal is to provide these women with access to financial products and credit at more affordable rates. The results of the trial are expected in Q3 2023.

Mexmovil will utilize Intent HQ’s Edge AI to extract privacy-safe behavioral insights from its telecommunications data. The insights gathered will be used to develop a more inclusive credit scoring system and address the lack of access to affordable credit for women in emerging economies, where interest rates are often extortionate.

Many women in Mexico subscribe to micro-loans at an annual interest rate of anywhere between 40-130%, highlighting the urgent need for a more inclusive credit scoring system. In addition, women are massively under-represented among both venture-backed entrepreneurs and VC investors. Women-founded companies receive less than 3% of all venture capital investments, while women account for less than 15% of check-writers.

“In a landscape where conversations around AI are often fear-based, we are excited to leverage this advanced technology and show all of the good that you can do with AI,” says Nadia Macicakova, CEO of mexmovil. “I am thrilled to have a partner like Intent HQ that will help us to fill those gaps in these women’s lives in a safe and ethical way.” 

Sharifah Amirah, Chief Client Officer at Intent HQ, added, “We are very excited about the partnership with mexmovil and this unique opportunity to create positive social impact using Intent HQ’s AI. By leveraging the power of data and advanced analytics, we can create fairer financial systems that work for everyone.”
If you would like to learn more about the initiative, please watch the entire video discussion kicking off the partnership here. To inquire about getting involved in developing credit scores for women in emerging markets, please email [email protected]

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