AI-driven Customer Intelligence – the key to unlocking Customer First

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New artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques will help telecoms businesses make transformative changes to customers’ experiences of their brand. There is a new opportunity to become ‘customer first’, led by a human-like connection with each and every customer.

Every customer interaction leaves behind a tiny bit of information – each time they call, visit a website, buy something, review, complain, login or update a profile. And the mass of information they leave behind helps create the intelligence that makes all the difference.

Businesses have access to an ocean of data, but most of them are missing the algorithms and know-how to translate a mass of customer interactions into new intelligence that impacts each customer at key moments.

At Intent HQ we use artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret this data and help businesses to understand and predict customers’ interests and behaviours. In this way, brands build relationships that go beyond typical segmentation to create a much more human-like connection. As a result, telecoms use of AI now allows them to innovate, retain customers and grow revenue.

Customer data is the key to untapped opportunity, and Intent HQ are recognised leaders helping telecommunications businesses create new value from their vast data assets. Our extremely cautious approach to using data, and our ISO27001 accreditation means we are experts on GDPR and how best to care for customer data.

Over the last five years, we have helped transform businesses, by applying cutting edge techniques to create the richest possible source of customer intelligence. This human-like customer understanding includes everything you can know, everything you can infer, and everything you can predict about a customer:

1. Know Your Customer

The foundation is a single, complete and always-on view of every customer record comprising data across all source systems, combined with attributes from Intent HQ’s Enrichment Library. Uniquely we organise the data by customer, which means you can process huge data volumes in real-time. As a result we help you improve customers’ experiences through every channel by communicating with each and every customer in a way that is relevant and intelligence-led.

2. Make Inferences

A key challenge for businesses is extracting value from behavioural data – where most of the latent value lies. We accurately infer wider customer interests using topic relationships across the entire customer base. Even for customers that have low levels of activity and sparse data, accurate profiles can be created ensuring that all your customer communications are relevant and timely.

3. Predict their Next Likely Action

With the richest possible customer profile, we help businesses be a step ahead of your customer at every touchpoint. Having the capability to anticipate needs uncovered by patterns in customer behaviour allows you to respond in ways that delight customers, increasing engagement and satisfaction.

Our approach makes sense of the data. It filters the noise out of the picture and enables businesses to help customers be seen, heard and understood. And this shared intelligence asset informs everything you do for every customer. We build a channel of communications that’s founded on relevance, and a customer relationship that isn’t based solely on price and promotion. This really does create the possibility of putting the ‘Customer First’ for the benefit of all.

If you want to put your ‘Customer First’, you should talk to Intent HQ.